GROWCommunity/UChicago Impact partnership

A key component of GROWCommunity’s model is its partnership with UChicago Impact, which will provide teachers and administrators with research-based tools and training to help build better neighborhood schools from the inside out. UChicago Impact partners with schools, philanthropists and foundations, and community-based organizations across the country to provide capacity-building supports and intelligence-driven diagnostics to improve student outcomes.

GROWCommunity will work with UChicago Impact to provide schools with access to:

  • 5Essentials Professional Learning: A diagnostic assessment of school effectiveness based on more than 20 years of research, 5Essentials assesses schools’ strengths and weaknesses in five key areas: effective leaders, collaborative teachers, involved families, supportive environment and ambitious instruction. 5Essentials Professional Learning offers practitioners rigorous, engaging sessions to help teams of educators better utilize 5Essentials data for improvement. More about 5Essentials.
  • STEP: STEP provides schools an evidence-based approach to assessing individual students’ reading skills and supporting teachers in differentiating their reading instruction to ensure that students make adequate progress throughout the year. STEP includes a powerful formative assessment, administered four times a year, and a data management system that provides teachers and leaders with timely information about what students in kindergarten through third grade know and need to learn as they develop their literacy skills. More about STEP.