GROWCommunity is working to support a seamless K-12 system in our community anchored around Amundsen High School and Lake View High School, neighborhood high schools that offer exceptional educational opportunities for students.

Eighth grade students from any of the GROW elementary schools* who apply to Amundsen or Lake View through GoCPS have a guaranteed path to admission, regardless of where they live. If you are an 8th grader at a GROW elementary school and are interested in attending Amundsen or Lake View in the 2019-20 school year, please be sure to read the materials linked below before applying. Admittance through the GROWCommunity Enrollment Policy is NOT THE SAME as admittance to your designated neighborhood high school.

IMPORTANT INFORMATION if you are seeking admission to Amundsen or Lake View through the GROWCommunity Enrollment Policy:

  • You must apply through GoCPS in Round 1. (The policy does not ensure admission to Amundsen or Lake View in GoCPS Round 2. The policy does not apply to transfers.)

  • You must include the Amundsen or Lake View Grow Community program in your Round 1 ranking of Choice School programs.

  • You must pay attention to the rank order of the Amundsen or Lake View Grow Community program. Rank order matters, because the GoCPS Round 1 matching process also applies to the GROWCommunity Enrollment Policy. Please read the full policy for complete ranking and matching information and examples.

**PLEASE BE SURE to read the complete policy guidelines and instructions before applying.**

We are excited that all students graduating from the GROW elementary schools have the opportunity to attend Amundsen or Lake View, two great options from which to choose.

If you have questions about admission to Amundsen or Lake View, please contact the school:

Visit for complete GoCPS information.

*The GROW elementary schools are Audubon, Bell, Blaine, Budlong, Burley, Chappell, Coonley, Greeley, Hamilton, Hawthorne, Inter-American, Jahn, Jamieson, McPherson, Nettelhorst, Ravenswood, and Waters.