Meet Lake View Social Studies Teacher Kristin Erickson Hu

This is the first in a series of Q&A interviews with the people of Lake View and Amundsen high schools.


Q: Can you tell us a little bit about your career so far?

A: After college, I taught for two years in Iowa, and then moved to Hong Kong for four years and taught at American International School. Since returning to the States I have taught World Studies, Holocaust and Genocide Studies, Political Science, Civics and AP Psychology at Lake View High School. I am also a National Board Certified Teacher.

Quick questions:

  • What college did you attend? Northwestern College in Orange City, Iowa
  • What did you study? History and Secondary Education
  • What classes do you teach at Lake View? Honors Civics and AP Psychology

Q: Why did you choose teaching? 

A: I'm a 4th generation teacher! Teaching is in my blood. I love seeing students grow in their understanding of the world.

Q: Do you sponsor or coach any clubs or sports?

A:  I am involved with Club RISE, which is dedicated to raising awareness about immigration issues at Lake View. We are soon hosting an immigration lawyer who will meet with students to talk about why she chose to be a lawyer and how she advocates for immigrants on a daily basis.

Q: How do you see your students' high school experiences as similar to or different from your own?

A: I grew up in the suburbs of Madison, Wisconsin. My peers were almost all white. Students at Lake View are lucky to interact with people from all ethnic backgrounds and develop a view of the world that is informed by this diversity.

Q: What do you like best about teaching at Lake View? 

A: I love LVHS students. Recently, at an assembly, a speaker from DePaul was sharing his personal story with the whole school. At one point the speaker became overcome by emotion and a student behind me shouted, “You're doing great!” and began applauding. The whole school clapped to encourage him to continue. I am continuously impressed by the kindness and empathy of our Lake View students. 

Q: What are Lake View's greatest strengths? 

A: Lake View provides an excellent education in a diverse environment. Lake View students are also exceptionally kind, empathetic and welcoming. At Lake View, we have a strong offering of AP courses through which students can earn college credit. Classroom and extracurricular activities connect them to opportunities outside of school to make a difference in this world.

Q: Can you describe one particularly great moment you've had as a teacher at Lake View? 

A: We hosted a survivor of the Rwandan genocide to speak with our Holocaust and Genocide Studies classes. Students actively engaged with him to understand his experience and to learn how Rwanda is facilitating reconciliation after the genocide. We also have taken field trips to the Holocaust Museum in Skokie and the Cambodian Genocide Memorial on Lawrence Avenue.

Q: What advice would you give to students choosing Lake View? How can they get the most out of their high school years there?

A: Get involved with clubs, sports and activities and work hard to do well in your classes. You will treasure the friendships you make here and grow in your understanding of Chicago, the United States and the world.