Meet Lake View Science Teacher Vyjayanti Joshi

This is part of a continuing series of Q&A interviews with the people of Lake View and Amundsen high schools.

Q: What’s something few people know about you?

A: Few people know that I was awarded a gold medal for securing the highest percentage in my Master's program by the Chancellor of my university. This award is a matter of prestige in Indian academics, and I was extremely grateful to have received this recognition.

Q: What brought you to your current position? What do you like best about it?

Vyjayanti Joshi .jpeg

A: I believe that my passion for teaching shaped me in becoming a hard-working person who truly cares about cultivating the knowledge of Lake View students. As the Science Department Instructional Lead, I enjoy collaborating with my fellow teachers in improving instruction that will help Lake View students become future leaders. Not only do I love learning from my team, but I also enjoy working with students in order to help them better understand scientific topics.

Q: What was your own high school like? How was it similar or different to the school where you work?

A: I attended an urban high school in India. It was quite different, as the class size was approximately double the average Lake View class. In addition, its focus centered on having students master one specific interest in contrast to providing a well-rounded education, like here in the United States. Additionally, I have witnessed far more sophisticated technological advancements here at my workplace compared to my high school in India. We did not have any clubs or activities that students can be a part of. I am proud that Lake View can offer these things to its students. Regardless of these differences, the values of respect, collaboration, and ambition remain consistent between my high school and Lake View.

Q: What’s one thing you wish people knew about your school?

A: One thing that I wish people knew about my school is that it is filled with so much diversity and passion. I am reminded every day that there is a drive that stems from each and every single student here at Lake View. Our school is filled with so many amazing students and teachers. It is truly an amazing experience to connect with these awesome people on a daily basis.

Q: Please share one of the best moments you’ve had working at this school.

A: I love it when students who have already graduated from Lake View come and visit me during their college breaks. Last year, I had a college student come visit whom I had taught in my Honors Biology, Honors Biotechnology, and Dual-Credit Biology classes. He brought me some lovely flowers on Mother's Day and shared his college experience with me. This student is hardworking, interested in the biological field, and ambitious about becoming a well-rounded professional. I was so touched to see how I am a part of such students' paths to success and how I am blessed with the opportunity to contribute to their interest in biology.

Q: What advice would you give to a student just starting out at your school?

A: Freshman year can be challenging, but the transition is much smoother when you learn to seek help from teachers when needed. I would also suggest that students take full advantage of the eclectic activities that Lake View has to offer, including field trips, clubs, and sports. I'd say it is important to establish connections outside of the academic setting, as becoming involved in the Lake View community really allows a student to grow and learn about the environment they are exposed to.